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"To be or not to be..."

Putting aside Shakespeare's rhetoric, the real question is WHAT to be. It is official... I have made the decision to quit my job in order to pursue, well, I'm actually not too sure!

After expressing my displeasure at work recently, both verbally and in my last blog, I have since been offered several jobs. I have also been looking into some college programs. After seven years of turning raw logs into utility poles, (which is only a simple description of what I do), I typed up a formal resignation and decided to make my last day at Stella Jones Inc. December 31st.

Before handing in my resignation, I ensured I would get my remaining vacation days booked. This week I specifically set aside to make some major decisions; to relax, read, write, reflect, pray, apply for jobs, and look into educational programs.

What I failed to include in my planning, yet knew would end up taking over, was family time.

Leah is in grade four and is lucky enough to have my older sister, Erin, as her teacher. Because I have the week off, she included me in at least one activity each day of the week.

Monday, we visited Santa with her class.

Erin has a student who is quite gifted, and although only in grade four, acts as a teaching assistant. He often leads lessons in class, but this Monday he took the class (along with me and Bradley) on a field-trip to Santa's workshop.

This was such a pleasurable experience, and I recommend you go for a visit before the holiday season ends. There is hot drinks, cookies and muffins, and stuffed animals given to every child. It is put on by volunteers and all donations go to Christa Academy, a school for children on the spectrum.

Tuesday, basketball-tryouts.

Erin and I coached her Elementary School girl's basketball team last year in an undefeated season. Try-outs ended this Tuesday, and I'm happy to be able to help coach this next season, this time Leah being on the team!

Wednesday, bowling.

I walked up with Erin's class Wednesday to the bowling alley, where I destroyed all the grade five's. Erin came a close second.

Thursday, visiting Papa-D.

My Grandfather, George, recently had surgery to remove a tumour. Visiting him at Royal Culumbian hospital, we saw a man in high spirits recovering well. He is projected to leave the hospital tomorrow, two days earlier than expected.

Friday, watching Space Jam.

I came to Erin's class for bowling wearing my Space Jam shirt as it has lots of cool colours that glow under the bowling alley's black-lights. After asking her class about the movie, we found out most had not seen it! Erin decided to rectify this, and tomorrow I plan to come with Bradley to watch it with the class, as well as help Erin write up a test on the film, just to ensure the children pay attention.

This week has been a helpful reminder as to WHY I work. In our society it is vital to contribute something of worth and to be compensated for those efforts. For Seven years I aided in the supply of electricity and other services to various regions in North America, as well as provided locals mills with lumber. But it's time for a change.

I have two Job opportunities in mind, both in the trades referenced to me by friends, both with whom I would be honoured to work alongside. I have also toured two colleges, both with a spot open for me to start in January.

There is a lot to consider, but only one area to center my focus.I have been mulling over options in my mind, and have told myself all week that I would make a decision by Friday (Tomorrow). No pressure, right?

My friend, Gerry, upon hearing of my dilemma gave me a book to read called Pro-Existence. A few quotes I picked out from the short amount I have read so far:

"For oftentimes the occupational choice is set up in order to cloud over the question, 'Who am I?'"

"What is needed is an understanding of our identity in relationship to God...And this is modern man's dilemma, being caught up in the fear of being alone and insignificant in history."

Continual inspiration - "Fight Club" - Hanging up near our christmas tree

Every night before bed Leah and I read. On Monday, Leah and I went and saw Frozen II in theater's with her brother Emerson and his dad Lucas. Before the movie began, Leah and I got excited for a preview - one of the books her and I finished together last year, "The Call of the Wild", turned into a film!

Leah had an English test the other day. We always read before bed, and knowing the following day she had a test, we re-read some of the chapter together, figuring out what was a verb, adverb, adjective and noun.

I have been called out a few times about my bad grammar here in the blog. Before we studied for her test I pulled out the most influential writer of English history, Shakespeare, and had her read from one of my favorite stories, Hamlet; Not to confuse her, but to show her the beauty, as well as the progression of our language. Make a note: a blog soon to come, "Hows my grammer?", as I attempt to analyze our drive for perfection, and technologies perceptive trickery. But for now, I will brag and mention my daughter got the highest score in the class, 30 for 30!

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