• Nathaniel G. Sands

The Secret of Being: Something to Live for

If one takes a moment, just a moment, to analyze a single day, it would be impossible to avoid an encounter with despair. Suffering is a fundamental truism of humanity.

It’s interesting though, that we can experience such high’s, as to forget such lows. But, we know, when we pay attention, that all are affected deeply, and consistently, with the difficult nature that is being human, and the sadness that goes along with it. As one who has been developing a constant and careful eye for observing the deep parts of my heart and brain, I find it impossible to go a day without encountering hardships, whether in me or in those around me. The poor on the streets, our addictions we each pursue, the pressures of society, illness in our families, the death of a loved one, the deceit of a trusted friend, money troubles.... the list goes on. These symptoms seem to be prevalent in all - an innevitable bi-product of consciousness and entropy. So why don’t we talk about it?

“For the secret of man’s being is not only to live but to have something to live for.”

Fyodor Dostoyevsky, the Brothers Karamazov.

It is my intention‘s in starting this blog to seek and to share my understanding of these things, and how in spite of thsee truths I continue to find pleasure and passion each day. I have spent much of my life seeking answers to questions like these; although I have written a novel, within which I explore some of these concepts, the artistic nature of the novel makes it difficult to extract the ideas presented. It is my intention to provide a more clear and concise answer to these problems addressed here on this site. I will continue to share my understanding of the relentless truths we all face, while providing encouragement and advice.

I face the challenges of my own depression and loneliness on a daily basis, and some days are better than others. These struggles have been seemingly ever-present, and I have spent the last eight years thinking, journaling, reading, and conversing about these mysterious subjects. I will be as honest as I can possibly be, which requires a vulnerability from me that I find scary as hell, but also deeply meaningful. And I am confident you, the reader, will finish each entry of mine with a more concise understanding of yourself and those around you.

If you continue to follow my daily insights, while learning more about my unique journey and perspectives, you will no doubt be provided with a new way of seeing how beautiful you truly are, and how to focus yourself on the many things around you that make life worth living.

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