• Nathaniel G. Sands

My Sis , World's faster Mountain runner

My little sister Madison now holds two mountain running records. Last summer I did the grouse grind with her. I had never done it before, but I was confident. On the ride up we speculated our times. I was over my estimate time - she guessed under. I did it in an hour and she did it in 33 minutes. I knew she would beat me, but by half the time?! I certainly don’t mind losing to her though - especially since she helped me get a girls number that day.

Madison brings an intensity like no other, and good competition is always welcomed by me. Growing up, both of us were preached the Mike Sands’ motto: “When you aren’t practicing, someone else is, and when they meet you they will beat you.” He was right. Determination is the key to success, and Madison has earned success.

Here is where I’d like to mention that I also have a wonderful older sister. Erin has been such a great sister to have, especially these last few years. Life isn’t easy and Erin is always there for me. If I need a smile, or maybe an ice cream sandwich on a hot day, I know who’s place to swing by. Not only have we really grown our friendship, but being a single father, I have really depended on her help. Often, I have to work late and Erin is a teacher at the same school as Leah! Fate would have it that Leah gets to spend so much time with her aunt, and I have been given someone who is so willing to contribute. She is always baking for everyone - for me, colleagues, friends, and neighbours. Leah and I both inheriting the sweet-tooth gene… and we know where to go for a sugar fix.

Speaking of candy, and records, these two sisters of mine definitely hold the record for most houses trick-or-treated on Halloween. Honestly it may be Guiness World Record worthy. If only we had counted each knock, doorbell rung, and bowl emptied - because in their 20’s, these two have continued to trick-or-treat each and every year, and definitely clean house… preparing for Christmas cookies for me.

Also the two of us hold a coaching winning streak. Together this past year we coached her Schools girls basketball team to an undefeated season. Although there was only 4 games,only one was close ,an overtime win… which is my favourite kind of win.

It has been such a benefit and joy for me to have been able to grow long side these two motivational people. Although we don’t say it often, we all know how much we each love each other. And I’m excited to know that love will only grow.

And a quick Shout-out to my brother Lucas. I always wanted a brother, and I ended up finding one. We are forever linked through Leah and Emerson, but that holds no meaning anymore. Regardless, we have become family, and family never breaks. I have been blessed with an amazing support system and look forward to the years ahead, and will always look back at the years behind.

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