• Nathaniel G. Sands

For the Love of Music

It's funny how we falls in love. In life, love tends to be a powerful force that we all feel yet cannot properly express. But in the form of music, we can certainly come close.

I continuously fall short of articulating the truth of love, but being an artist, I am willing to put my vulnerability forth and continue to share in an attempt to get closer to understanding it. It feels weird to call myself an artist, but I guess it's hard to remove myself from the designation, especially when writing and performing music. I am certainly drawn to art, consumed by it, and enjoy creating it by myself and with others.

But it's clear my talent is in the ear and not the hand...

Being the second-born, and quiet by nature, I never truly enjoyed music as a child because I never got to choose what I listened to! My mom taught aerobics classes every day. I remember each drive consisting of her preparing for work, listening to songs like Sandstorm, or every Shania Twain songs at double the pace. Along with the fact my older sister got to always sit in the front seat of the car, it seemed the radio would always be out of reach. And so, my love for music remained dormant.

One of my best friends to this day is Curtis Sukkel. He lived just down the street from me growing up. We played hockey together and went to high school together. He also introduced me to rock music! Bands like Audioslave, Lincoln Park, Disturbed, Rage Against the Machine, and Sum 41. He even made me a mixed C.D. with all my favorite songs on it when I was 12, which I listened to as often as my mom wasn't at home to hear it.

Leah, Curtis, and Mr. Misty

When I was 15, there was a battle of the bands at our school. My friend Robert played guitar and wanted to start a band to play for this show. He recruited me and our friend Corey. I had never played the drums before but took on the challenge, and three months later Vagabond played it's first gig. The band shifted gears continuously, eventually turning into Basilisk - releasing a limited edition EP!

The making of Dinosaur Garage

Members came and went, but we've always remained friends. Corey and I even work together! And Robert is a manager at the Rickshaw Theater, and continues to get me on the guest-list for bands I want to see. There is certainly a strong bond between band-mates that never goes away - even after you break up.

Music is certainly an important aspect of our lives. If there is one thing we can agree on, it is a natural love for music - A uniting factor of all humanity. One that will continue to guide our hearts and bring people together.

It's only been a few months, but my new band Dewdney has been working hard. Jonathan and James Zielke are good friends of mine, and now being band-mates, it is as if we are proclaiming the relationship to be official. We are still working hard on our material, and plan to record a full length album soon. We currently have 12 original songs and we are having a lot of fun playing each other's material. We know perfection doesn't come without intense dedication to the band and our music, but it also doesn't come without a genuine love for creating, and sharing it.

A few weeks ago, Jonathan saw this poster in town and decided to submit a song as an audition. This Saturday will be Dewdney's first official live performance, competing in Ridge Meadows Got Talent. We look forward to continuously getting tighter as a band, and to playing more live shows - an attempt to bring other's into the unity we now share.

Dewdney - Wednesday night Band Practice

This Saturday, June 29th you will catch us at the Memorial Peace Park, downtown Maple Ridge. Hope to see you there!

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