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Father/Daughter Work Day

Routines can be a blessing and a curse. I enjoy living a spontaneously lifestyle but must do so within a scheduled framework. Life is complex and confusing - so much so that we literally can't compute each moment! Much of our life is systematic projection - our minds utilize what we have experienced to make sense of what we are experiencing. No one is impervious to the anarchy that surrounds us, and to rid ourselves of the stress that is uncertainty, as we embody our mind's proficiency, we create schedules and fall into routines, easing the unbearable anxiety each of us face in this world full of chaos.

It can be stressful when our schedules become interrupted. If you have a child, you know what I mean. As soon as a child is born, our schedules are changed forever! As are we! From feedings to sleeping to changing diapers, it seems no one is impervious to the necessity of routine - especially infants. Being separated from Leah's mother for seven years now, it has been difficult finding a schedule that works for all three of us. I can't imagine how hard it would be as a child to endure the change over the years, but both Katrina and I have always put Leah's best interest in mind and in front, and it seems out current system of 3 days a week each with the rotating Saturday's has been the best fit so far.

No one can predict how life will play out, and I'm certain none of us have forged a perfect path, even if we conceived it perfectly from the beginning. The important thing is not to see this as a failure, but to see it as exciting new territory and to keep going! No one knows what lies ahead, and all of us should be excited to find out!

I often like to critique the government, so I won't stop now...

Not that I think it's necessarily a good thing for kids to spend so much time in a classroom, but the school schedules are disastrous. Being a single father and experiencing the constant pro-d days, conference days, sick days, on top of the two month summer vacation, two week winter vacation, AND two weeks for spring break! There is hardly a routine to be found! And I have tremendous sympathy for the single parents who need to work and take care of children all on their own... No wonder everyone is anxious!

Although these constant interruptions in the schedule can be unduly stressful, I would say I'm never anxious. Having so many friends and family around, I'm never worried Leah will go without care - Usually spending days off with her mom, my mom, or another friend of family member. I am so grateful to be surrounded by such love.

With it being spring break and most family and friends either working or away, I brought Leah into work with me today. She actually seemed really excited to come when I told her! She is such a wonderful little human! And I'm not being bias! I hear it all the time, usually replying with a smile and an "I know." I am so grateful to have her as my daughter and am proud to be her father. Most kids, it seems, would whine at the idea of being away from a television for 8 hours - or feel entitled to some kind of reward or wage for enduring a day at work.

After I introduced her to the crew in the morning, Leah hung out in the lunch room with Bradley, practiced her ukulele, yo-yo, and coloured. (Grandma also stopped in on her way to the states with Timbits and an iPad… not that it was needed). Leah also spent some time with me in the various roles I fill at work. She even got some hands-on experience!

To finish off the day, I brought Leah to her weekly riding lessons and we stopped on the way home for pizza. Our mutual trust and respect for each other, (on top of the somewhat loose schedule), is certainly a contributing factor to our easeful mannerisms. Also the fact that we genuinely like each other, and enjoy each-others presence. She has always been the reason I get up and get myself to work each morning, and today she got to see that first hand! I might not have a fancy car or a big house, and having a child at 18, I certainly heard all the financial woes that were about to beset me. But I have learned that happiness is not measured by wealth, but by love, and I am so grateful to be surrounded by it! And the older we get, Leah and I together, the more grateful I become.

from todays lesson, Leah and Echo at a trot

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