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Discussing Controversy: Recycling day/Garbage day

We spend three days inside the local homeless camp

In keeping with discussing controversy and my Tuesday being recycling day, I have posted a few links to letters I have had published in the local news throughout the years. Although there is more, the theme is quite redundant. On purpose I might add.

I started writing to the paper about 4 years ago, as I watched this city declare war on the homeless population. Our former mayor was elected over 4 years ago, and she won on the PROMISE that within six months of being elected she would end homelessness in maple ridge. How do we eat up the politician's bull-****?!

I promptly wrote a letter declaring how naïve a person could be to think they could achieve such a feat. What was going on around that time was a visible contempt for the poor. I said in my last message that the term "hate" gets thrown around liberally, but some of the letters and the distaste I have seen in this town surrounding the homeless can only be described as such.

I believe our society's attitude toward those on the street is part of the contributing factor... but I can't go further into it.... It's so complex - full of variables, and it's been too long of a day to divest.

All I will say is that nothing politicians have done has worked. The camp is larger than ever, which continues to hurt the morale and relationships within. As a frequent visitor, I've seen what many would have considered a dark place from the onset, progress into an even darker place now. I stayed in the camp over a year ago and honestly thought nothing of it. Even I couldn't stomach it now. And it truly hurts to stand by and watch as it sinks further and further into misery. It's also Garbage day today, so this one might stink a little and I apologize for that.

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