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Boys Will Be Boys

Wednesday nights Leah usually spends with my mom. Her and her husband pick her up from school and drop her off at school the next day. In keeping with my post "Let's talk...and listen," I put my money where my mouth is and met up with a few friends at the local pub. I must preface that I am very grateful for the various friends I have. Each one of them is important to me and plays a vital role in my life. Before I met with three of my good friends over a pint, who each impact me in their unique ways and as a whole, I went and picked up a new table set with chairs from another friend, Corey. After a short visit we concluded we had to get together again soon, as he has three children and couldn't come out with the rest of us.

Spending the night in the company of my friends, talking about sports, work and girls, to deep meaningful problems within society and ourselves, it's a great time to just be honest and open, laugh and cry. And all those things happened last night.

One of my best friends, Jonathan, and I had a long conversation at the end of the night. Above is a picture taken right before he got married. Jonathan on the far left, and myself being a groomsman, second from the right. The two of first met behind our instruments. He is a singer/guitarist and I a drummer. But actually before this musical collaborative encounter I in fact remembered him from my childhood. He and I grew up in the same townhouse complex, but since the age of five neither of us had seen each other until this moment almost twenty years later.

I had started going to church at the age of 21. He was the lead singer and acoustic guitarist for Burnett Baptist Church, and myself playing drums since the age of 15. wanted to start playing. I was told to learn some of the upcoming songs for the weekend service and to come to practice before-hand for a try-out.

The band started playing the set and I at there in the front row and watched. When it came to the end of the set Jonathan announced they would now try a new song he had picked out, which had listened to and learned. As they started the song, and re-started, and re-started, it was clear the drummer couldn't find the timing. After a visibly-frustrated band attempted a few go's at it, the drummer decided to get up and grab some water. Upon said departure I asked if I could give it a go. Sitting down in the caged drums I had never played on before, putting on the headphones that fed me the bands sound and grabbing the drum-sticks, Jonathan looked back and asked "you ready?" I nodded and he began...

Both of us remember this moment significantly. It was as if our souls connected in those initial bars. The song went flawlessly, the break's, the breakdown, even a drum solo, and it all sounded fantastic. I remember the look he gave the electric guitarist part way through the set, which he flashed at me also, which said "This is unreal!"

Since then, Jonathan and I have played countless times together, even starting a band a few years ago and writing songs together. Adding a bassist and another guitarist, we played a couple small shows even, but things just sort of fizzled out. years have passed, and mingled within that time have been many hangouts, the two of us romanticising those times and the band and many debates on getting the band back together and even touring. You see, Jonathan has a very unique sound. One in which I instantly told him he could go places with. Is it not every musicians dream to go somewhere with their music?

Jonathan has been doing some profession recording. Last night he asked me straight up if the band was a possibility. He wants to get serious about his music and wants me as his drummer. I have always believed in him and his unique talent. I also believe myself to be quite talented as well, spending countless hours since the age of 15 practicing and expanding my craft. There is something about each of our unique sounds that the two of us have always felt magic in the music when we get together, unlike with anyone else either of us has played with before. And it's time for me to start thinking about putting my money where my mouth is. With much excitement we have decided to get some recording done together and taking it where it will.

Look for the Zielke Experience album and tour coming your way Vancouver-area.

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