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A Case of "The Monday's"

Monday's can be pretty rough. Going from the pleasant freedom's of the weekend to the precise constraint's of the week can be disheartening. Nothing personifies our societal subjugation as the screeching of an alarm going off at 4:30A.M. Then again at 4:42! (Because let's be honest, who gets up for their first alarm?)

I have a routine each morning before I go to work. I let the dog out. I go to the bathroom. Start the coffee. Make lunches for me and my daughter. Then I load up the truck with our stuff and the dog (he comes with me to work), then I carry my daughter to the truck (and she's 9... not exactly light anymore), then I come back to the house for my life-blood... the coffee. And off we go.

Being a single dad and working full time can be a time-consuming challenge. Because my daughter's mom works in a restaurant, we have off-set schedules, making it convenient for her to take my daughter, Leah to school. By the time I carry Leah once again into her mother's house, I already feel drained.

I start work at 5:30A.M. (which makes it possible for me to pick Leah up from school each day). I am the first one there and go through a sequence of opening 6 locks, and disarming 2 alarms to get the day started. The dog settles into his bed, I heat up my coffee and put my gear on, and then work officially starts.

This morning was particularly hard for me. Last night I played a hockey game and got slashed in the ankle. This morning I had to endure my normal routine but with a limp. For most of my day at work I was in between discomfort and pain and it sure was a great way to start the week!

In spite of the first hour of challenges I had to face, you must know in no way was I bitter or upset. You see, it's these routines that help me survive the day. We are creatures of habit, and we need to embrace our routines by finding joy within them. Each morning I wake up and miraculously stand up! This morning's limp was just a reminder of the fact I don't live continuously in physical pain as could be the case. I get greeted by my best friend, (Bradley our dog), and I get to preparing enough food so as to never be hungry. As I carry my 65 pound daughter to the car, I get a big hug as she squeezes tight for security and warmth. The truck starts, I get to work safe, the key's all turn, the doors all open, and I get paid a good wage to work a job that isn't half bad, with some pretty awesome guys.

On top of all that, I have a great view of each mornings sunrise. I took the picture above from work today. I always make room for a couple minutes to stand and stretch, take a few deep breaths, and marvel at the colours of our wonderous sky. It is unbelievable the beauty you can find in all things when you just take the time to look.

From War and Peace, by Leo Tolstoy:

"Nikolai Rostov turned aside and, as if searching for something, gazed into the distance, at the waters of the Danube, at the sky, and at the sun. How beautiful the sky looked, how blue, how calm, how deep! How brilliant and triumphant the setting sun! How sweetly shimmering the waters of the distant Danube! And fairer still the faraway blue mountains beyond the river, the nunnery, the mysterious ravines, the pine forests veiled to the treetops in mist... there all was peaceful, happy... 'I could wish for nothing, nothing, if only I were there,' thought Rostov. 'In myself alone, and in that sunshine, there is so much happiness.'"

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