About Nathaniel G. Sands

Born and raised in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada, Nathan works locally as a lumberjack. He has a nine-year-old daughter, Leah, and a three-year-old dog, Bradley. He volunteers for local churches as a guest speaker and drummer. He plays sports and coaches kids team's locally. He is a published author and is currently working on his third novel. He is an avid reader of classic literature as well as political, religious and philosophical works.

"The intentions of my blog is to take an honest look within and around, taking into account the technological and political shifts, economic and moral uncertainties, the high's and the low's, and the daily challenges we each face, seeking to find out why and how these things come to pass, and how we are to respond. It is my intent to not shy away from the realities of our world, that depression, anxiety, broken hearts and troubled lives are a normal part of our culture. For many each day is a battle, a struggle against our own inner demons, telling us we are worthless, that we don't fit in, and that there is nothing of value to be found. I intend to break down these accepted positions and prove that life is worthwhile, that each of us have meaning and worth, and that by changing our perspectives, no matter what the situation is that our lives are currently in, there is beauty to be observed, meaning to be found, and hope to realign our perceptions."

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